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Entrance After...

Christine Boyer

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Small spaces…

Every square meter counts, especially the entrance! Don’t miss your chance to seduce buyers right away…

We shouldn’t neglect any space during our staging, no matter how small… Your house must be welcoming from the entrance to the “small corner” as we call it…😉

The entrance is obviously very important since it gives the first impression of the rest of the visit so why not making it welcoming, beautiful, practical and smelling good!

Same for the loo… even if we don’t spend much time in there why not making it nice and cosy in case the mission takes a little longer? 😂 A few magazines, a small nice painting to look at and some fragrances of essential oils to freshen up the air, et voilà as simple as that!

It is also important to divide spaces, to suggest them… Sometimes a simple curtain makes all the difference in creating the illusion of a corridor or a separation. 😉 Put the odds on your side especially if you are willing to sell your house, create emotions! Even better… create the crush, and avoid any price negotiation. The purchase decision is often made in about twenty minutes… for a debt over twenty years! Better not to leave room for doubt!