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Staging Harmony Services

Based in Antibes, I offer a wide range of services including Interior Consultations & Coaching, Home Staging, Room Makeover & Property Styling, Visual or Virtual Home Staging, De-cluttering and Organising, Space designing & makeover for the elderly.
Each of these services can be tailored perfectly to suit the client’s unique requirements.

Areas covered: East side of the Riviera (from Théoule/Mer to Menton via the inland)

Room Makeover

Home Staging, Room Makeover & Property Styling

Childs Bedroom Design

Interior Consultations & Coaching

Fabric Sofa

Visual or Virtual Home Staging

Details of Staging Harmony Services

Whether you need trained eyes to spot the unfavorable aspects of your home that make potential buyers, renters or yourself feel off about your place or whether you are looking for interior coaching on how to fix things at the best price, Staging Harmony is here to help you achieve this easily.

Every home, office, boat, caravan in the wood…has potential, it only depends on the way one looks at it!

“Seeing is feeling with the eyes…!” Alex Vervoordt: Interior Designer


Visit of the property  –  Summary Report – Action Plan for DIY

COACHING SERVICES: From 300per room

Visit of the property –  Summary Report – Action Plan for DIY – Moodboard

Whatever you are aiming for: selling, renting or moving in, Staging Harmony will make it happen rapidly and at the best price. According to your situation, your needs and your budget, but also depending on the rooms that need staging, I will propose a bespoke action plan and will take care of everything for you.

From the choice of materials and furniture to trades coordination, until the staging is complete, I will keep you informed at all times. The old will blend with the new and every detail will be well thought through and managed.


Quote on application.
Visit of the property – Personalised Action Plan – Project Management – Trades Coordination – Materials, furniture selection – Staging or Styling – Personalised services for holiday rentals in option.

Because a visual approach always speaks for itself, these two options reveal all the potential of your home through different eyes.

If you are looking to sell, or rent your property, whether it is furnished or empty, you will want to make it feel like a home first. My staging services will awaken more interest in your home without necessarily having to refurbish it.

“Buyers only know what they see, not the way it’s going to be…” Barb Schwarz – creator of the Staging Industry.

Indeed, it is very hard for most people to project themselves in a blank canvas or to see things differently than the way they are currently.


A service to redesign your space and give it a new feel. It includes:
Visit of the property – Visual Summary Report – Floorplan – Designboard – Shopping List (incl. all references and in line with your budget)

VIRTUAL HOME STAGING: From 500€ per room

A service for empty rooms. It includes:
Visit of the property – Floorplan and 3 realistic photo renders from different angles

De-cluttering your space will help buyers and renters to see the full potential of your home. It will also help you to feel much lighter as clutter is stuck energy.

Not only does it create disharmony, it might as well cost you money as it distracts buyers from noticing what’s positive about your home, they will leave with a poor impression… Attention goes where energy flows! We are not living in a home the same way we market it for sale.

With personalised advice, together we will find what’s best for you, whether it is putting your house on the market or finding a way to better live in it. I will help you reclaim your space and reveal all its potential.


Quote on application.
Visit of the Property – Personalised Action Plan – Organising and de-cluttering

Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful. Because I used to travel a lot, I feel that I am all these people at once. And as I worked in the hospitality industry for many years, I know exactly what both guests and landlords expect and aim for.

I will help you attract the right clientele for your holiday rental and set you apart from the competition with high end and tailor-made services for each and every kind of guest.


Quote on application.
Visit of the Property – Personalised Action Plan – Project Management – Trades Coordination (if refurbishment is needed) – Materials & furniture selection – Designing & Styling + Personalised services in option.

If your home is not appropriate anymore to your way of living, but you are looking for solutions to remain in it as long as possible, together we will rethink it through and make it work for you.

I will re-organize your space, I will probably move, add or remove some piece of furniture harmoniously according to your needs and your lifestyle. This will make your life easier, safer and enjoyable to move around. 


Quote on application.
Visit of the Property – Personalised Action Plan – Reorganisation room by room – De-cluttering and trades coordination if necessary.