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Different needs... different services

Based in Antibes, I offer a wide range of services:

From interior consultations for professional advice to room makeovers and property styling, or space designing. My services also include visual (Moodboards, Designboards, Floorplans) and virtual solutions (3D Renders) for a better projection.

I also help you declutter, and re-organise your space for a better and more practical living. All my services can be tailor-made to suits yours needs and your project.

Areas covered: East side of the Riviera (From Théoule/Mer to Menton via the inland)

Bespoke Staging, Makeover & Styling

Visual Designs & 3D Virtual Renders

Interior Consultations & Coaching

Details of Staging Harmony Services

Is there something about your home that makes you feel like…going out again? Or does your place make you feel overwhelmed, tired… Do you also wonder why your neighbor’s flat (which is exactly the same as yours) got sold in a few weeks while yours is still on the market for months now?

I will not only look at the general picture, I will go into details room by room to put my feelings into words to help you fix your issues. Keep in mind that seeing is feeling… 

Nothing to worry about though as my approach will always be kind and far from judgement or criticism. My goal is to help you see what your brain perceives on automatic pilot when the information goes from your eyes to your brain and straight to your heart…

Every home, office, boat, caravan in the wood…has potential, it only depends on the way one looks at it!

INTERIOR CONSULTATION/ADVICE AUDIT: From 150 /1 or 2 rooms – Max 25sqm (6€/sqm) room

First project approach (phone call) – 2H Interior consultation – Summary Report – Action Plan for DIY

If advice are not enough to fix the issues for which you are looking at my website right now, keep on reading as my services go crescendo.

In addition to an hour advice consultation, this service will also provide some visual inspiration for you to be guided into the type of atmosphere to re-create by yourself. I will design for you a Moodboard to illustrate my words, and to make it easier for you to keep the imagination alive.

A Moodboard, is a visual tool that helps us communicate our design concepts and ideas (a collage of images, fabrics, objects… Examples on my Blog page). It will be very useful for you as a guideline project. This service is therefore about finding the right style, and the right atmosphere for your project, and dwelling into more detail on the shapes, the colors, fabrics…

DECO/HOME STAGING COACHING: 250€/1 or 2 rooms – Max 25m2 (10€/m2)

First project approach (phone call) – Interior consultation of 1H – Action Plan for DIY (advice, tips, addresses) – Moodboard

If imagination isn’t your thing, and you want to know exactly what to expect, in that case a Designboard will be a valuable guide for you.

More precise than a Moodboard, the Designboard offers a clear picture of the design to re-create. In addition to the floorplan, the Designboard will give you the precise visual of the furniture and accessories that I will have carefully selected for your project. (Examples on my Blog page)

Our meeting and the visit of your property will give me the opportunity to determine your needs and your expectations as well as your current style in order to integrate additional piece of furniture and styling accessories in harmony with the elements that you want to keep. We will of course discuss your budget, it will be my red line not to cross.

The shopping list will combine the visual of each item (Designboard) I will have selected for you as well as their prices and references. In addition, a summary table will recap all the dimensions, delivery time frames, item specifics…

Therefore, you cannot go wrong, but with that said, you still can add or swap items here and there, you remain free of your choice, but the guidelines are precise and cannot be easier. Not to mention that the time saving is huge since this step requires a lot of research, comparisons, harmony and everything must again be in line with the budget!


500€/1 room-1 function (bedroom, balcony, entry hall… ) Max 10m2 (50€/m2)

750€/1 multifunctional living space (master bedroom, living-room… ) Max 30m2 (25€/m2)

First project approach (phone call) – Visit of the property – Digital deco book: Floorplan, Designboard, Shopping List, Summary table

Because a visual approach always speaks for itself, this service reveals all the potential of your home through different eyes. Especially if you are looking to sell or rent an empty property you want to make it feel like a home first. A floorplan and realistic 3D photo renders instantly give life to a cold empty room. This obviously awakens more interest to potential buyers…

This service can also be a good option for those who would like to have a confirmation before taking a leap of faith into a (drastic) makeover… 

Therefore, before embarking on a new project or in order to spark some more interest during your visits if you are looking to sell your property, this service is made for you!

VIRTUAL DECO/STAGING WITH 3D RENDERS: 500€/1 or 2 rooms – Max 25m2 (20€/m2)

First project approach (phone call) – Visit of the property – Floorplan, 3 photo renders: 2D/3D/room on different angles.

Whatever your project: moving in, selling or renting, we will discuss in detail your your needs, your budget, your tastes… this service is tailor-made and designed to your situation.

Our meeting (physical/remote) will be an opportunity for me to get to know you, to define your needs more into detail and to integrate into my work the furniture that you wish to bring/keep (if any) so that it can blend in harmony with the decor to come. We will of course talk about your budget, it will be my red line not to cross.

From research to selections and proposals (materials, furniture, trades if needed…) I will coordinate and supervise everything until the final stage of the furnishing and the styling. I will be your main contact and will keep you informed at every step of the process. I want you to find the peace of mind that you deserve especially if you are not living nearby, I totally understand your concerns…

And because I used to travel a lot, I also understand what both landlords and hosts are looking for… So, if you are an investor, I will help you attract the right clientele for your holiday rental and set you apart from the competition. You will find optional services that might be at your interest.

”Some people look for a beautiful place, when others are passionate about making it beautiful… ” Hazrat Inayat Khan. 


Telephone interview – Property visit – Personalized action plan & management – Layout plan – Selection of materials and furniture: Designboard & Inventory – Trades selection (if necessary) – Trades coordination – Management of orders & deliveries (if necessary) – Availability 7/7 (weekends incl.) – Before/after photos – Furnishing, staging and final styling before Photoshoot + Additional services in option


I will help you sort out, declutter and re-organise your property for a better living. 


For additional advice, photos, final staging before photoshoot..


Digital ”Welcome Home” booklet FR/ENG (notice of use for electrical appliances, WIFI, useful phone numbers, tips, recommendations…)