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Christine Boyer

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The Power of Colors!

Do we really know the symbolism of colors? Here a little reminder:

White: Purity, innocence, cleanliness, peace, wisdom and simplicity.
Black: Mourning, melancholy, sadness, fear, austerity, but also modernity and elegance.
Red: Danger, prohibition, blood, fire, excitement and passion but also love, luxury and eroticism.
Blue: Peace, union, dream, cold, but also a call to the sea and escape.
Yellow: Light, warmth, prosperity, wealth, joy, energy but also lies and betrayal.
Green: Luck, chance, hope, nature, ecology, freedom and healing.
Pink: Femininity, softness, sensuality and candor.

Because we underestimate their impact, we’d better favor soothing colors for a bedroom: blue, green, but also natural terracotta-style colors, beige, brown… As for an office, warm hues are auspicious as they call for productivity and concentration, combined with purple or cooler colors like blue will invite imagination and creativity into the space as well.

And what about the most positive color according to you? The color of the sun of course! Yellow is the color of life and joy by all means! It has a stimulating and positive effect on our moods.

You probably remember the colors of the original logo of an American giant before it turned green for the same marketing reasons… the red said: Eat me!!! And they obviously kept the yellow, to play on the call to cheerfulness and get our mouth-watering!

With that said…colors even control our eating habits, and this since the dawn of time…