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Christine Boyer

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Partial Home Staging

Creativity is fun but it should sometimes reach some limits, especially when you are renting or looking to sell…

My grandfather rented his house for far too long, to a family he unfortunately trusted… We found it in such a terrible shape, it was literally UNSALEABLE!!

From the Tinkerbell to rainbows on the walls, without forgetting a nasty hole due to an infiltration that we were totally unaware of, our emotions went crescendo from one room to the other! Once the clash of colors dissipated, all that remained was to get started! I was still working in tourism at that time, but I had a good month and a half left before my next contract. This was therefore my very first Home Staging project, and the words i had in mind were the following: welcoming, bright, space, cleanliness, harmony!

My mum and I, did most of the painting, the floors were replaced with my sister’s help, as for my grandfather, he was stripping the living room with a friend. 

Not a single room didn’t need to be repainted… Time and budget were tight and we had to prioritize the necessary refurbishments. The kitchen has therefore remained in its juice, and the house has not been refurnished, so a second downside here, because the spaces are so unattractive when they are empty, and nobody can really picture themselves living in there.

Today, I would have had a very good alternative to overcome the lack of inspiration: Virtual Staging! 

This is a perfect solution for empty spaces, as you can propose realistic 3D photos for each room. At least each space can be suggested, and the potential of the house is maximized for future buyers who can have a tangible perception of a fully staged house.

Nevertheless, the house got sold not long after being on the market, and just under the selling price. Home Staging does work!!u