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Designboard/Planche de Design

Christine Boyer

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Design board & Shopping List

Visual Staging & Shopping List…


A big thank you to Natasha & Samuel who are busy preparing the work to undertake and who renewed their trust in me for the choice of their decoration for their study/guestroom project!

The colors chosen in the 3D projection provided upstream had been discussed and fully approved. We therefore remain on light blue-gray on two walls only, the ones that lead the way to the en-suite, they will be in harmony with the gray tiles. As an accent color we will go with a yellow/mustard, a warm, joyful and energizing color for more boost in the room.

The technical part has already been worked on with the floor plan and the 3D renderings, so let’s go and get even more fun! Here’s the blank page that requires a selection of items that work so well together they will make a stunning visual of this future study/guestroom! So same basics as the moodboard, except that the inspiration has given way to the precise idea of the design to be created, so off we go shopping!! Let’s go crazyyy!!! Hahahaaa…. 🙂 obviously not that much as we have to stay in line with the budget…

The shopping list brings together the visual of the items, the price and the references for easy online research, and a more complete grid gives all the measurements, delivery times and prices, products specifics… So that’s what you can expect with my visual staging offer.

So you can’t go wrong really, but that said, you still can add or swap items here and there, you remain free of your choice, but the guidelines are precise and cannot be easier. Not to mention that the time saving is huge since this step requires a lot of research, comparisons, harmony and everything must again be in line with the budget!