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Bedroom after makeover

Christine Boyer

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Before/After Guests’Room

Mission: Staging this tiny and impractical guest room without spending too much.

The bed, or more precisely the mattress placed on pallets directly on the floor was in the middle of the room and didn’t leave any space at all to circulate around it. So the idea was to reclaim space and brightness while fitting a double bed, storage but without spending a lot of money. This is when we bless Ikea, and the entire Sweden! 😜

Luckily, the mattress was already foldable since it originally belonged to a sofa bed! All that remained was to find a comb bed base (which stretches in length and turn into a double bed) with two large drawers underneath and voilà!

This solution also gives the possibility of having a simple classic bookshelf on the opposite wall for more storage which was originally in another room. The bedroom is now big enough and we can even circulate around once the bed is unfolded.

There you go, we gain in space, clarity, storage and practicality for a very minimal price!